Embroidery for children
Learning embroidery on knitted fabric
Embroidery is not only one of the fascinating types of needlework, but also an original decoration
paper flower arrangement
Large paper flowers for hall decoration
Recently, it has become a fashionable trend to decorate the interior of apartments, houses and banquet halls with huge
Crafts from plastic bottles with children
Many people love to make things with their own hands. For these purposes they use almost all available materials.
DIY crafts from coffee beans
Cup and saucer Prepare space for the “Coffee Cup” craft and the necessary elements: cardboard, coffee
Consultation for parents “Learning to cut with scissors”
Paper cutting for children Cutting out shapes and figures from paper helps young children
DIY paper snowflakes - diagrams, templates and master classes
How to fold paper for a snowflake The secret of this decoration for the New Year is to fold it correctly
DIY shirt and tie postcard - how to make a postcard for February 23rd: step-by-step instructions with a diagram
Postcard "shirt and tie"
DIY card-shirt for February 23rd: step-by-step master class DIY card-shirt for February 23rd
Volumetric decoupage: a master class for beginners using structural paste. Volumetric decoupage of bottles
What does a beginner need? When performing simple work, a novice needlewoman will need: a photo of volumetric decoupage in the finished
You can make topiary either from purchased sisal or using homemade
Sisal topiary: design options
Sisal topiary is not only an original interior element, but also a creative idea
How to make New Year's balls from cotton pads, sticks, cotton wool: step-by-step instructions, description, photo. Ideas for beautiful DIY New Year's balls made from cotton pads, sticks, cotton wool: photo
Instructions for making New Year's balls from cotton wool, disks and sticks. With the New Year holidays approaching,
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